28th St / COVID-19

Due to the rapidly evolving situation concerning the COVID-19 virus, we are permanently closing our 28th & Clark store as of March 19, 2020.  We know that many customers have been coming to this store for many years, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Joanie Henderson, who has served our customers at 28th for the past 25 years will be retiring.  We regret that she will not be able to say good-bye to all her friends and customers, but we want her to take precautions by staying home at this critical time.

Our plan is to continue to serve the Paducah area from our two remaining stores on Kentucky Avenue and in Lone Oak while complying with the orders and directives from state and local government.  We also will continue to offer free home or office pickup and delivery.

All 28th Street Orders Have Been Transferred to Our Main Plant

On March 19, 2020, all orders from our 28th Street store that had not been picked up were transferred to our Main Plant at 1021 Kentucky Avenue.  Please come to our main plant to pick up your orders in person, or if you prefer, we can deliver them to you.  Just call us at (270) 444-7227.

Call Us for Free Pickup and Delivery from Your Home or Office

During this nationwide emergency, you can call us anytime at (270) 444-7227 to arrange a free pickup or delivery from your home or office.  Our fleet of vans will be at your disposal.  Please do not hesitate to call as we all work together to take appropriate precautions.

Still Accepting Cleaning at Two Locations

Customers can still bring us their cleaning in person at two store locations: 

Main Plant at 1021 Kentucky Avenue

2858 Lone Oak Road (across from Bank’s Market)

We recommend that customers allow us to come to their cars to maintain recommended social distancing.  That way we avoid having small groups of customers waiting inside the stores.  When you drive up, please wait in your car until one of our clerks can come out to serve you.  We will provide in-car service for both drop offs and pickups at both stores.