AutoPay FAQs

Should I sign up for automatic bank draft or payment by credit card?

You should chose whatever works best for you. We have purchased special software to generate your automatic payment safely and accurately using either payment method. Some customers like to earn frequent flyer miles on their credit card. Others like the convenience of making all monthly payments from a particular checking account. The only difference is the timing of when payments are made. Credit card payments occur on the 1st day of each new month. Bank draft payments are setup for the 15th of the month. You can always confirm the amount and date of your automatic payment from your monthly statement or by calling us at (270) 444-7227.

Do I have to provide confidential bank information?

No, we take only the numbers that appear at the bottom of your check to generate the automatic bank draft. This is the same information that you provide to any merchant every time you write a check. For credit card payments, we need only your credit card number and expiration date.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

Yes, you will receive a monthly statement via email summarizing all activity on your account from the prior month.

Will I be giving Owen Cleaners unlimited access to my checking account or credit card?

No, the AutoPay Authorization form that you sign only authorizes Owen Cleaners to generate one automatic payment per month. This payment must be for the exact amount of your prior month ending balance as shown on your statement. Should your automatic payment not go through for any reason, we will call you to make alternative payment arrangements. We will not generate another automatic payment on your account until the next month.

Does Owen Cleaners have to abide by special banking rules?

Yes, our local bank requires that Owen Cleaners must follow the ACH rules as published by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). This ensures that your automated payments via AutoPay will be handled in the same secure manner by which banks generate automatic loan payments or direct deposits between different banking organizations. We also abide by all major credit card processor regulations.

Must I have a checking or savings account with a particular bank?

No, AutoPay works with virtually any bank, savings and loan association, brokerage cash management account or credit union. For credit card payments, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Why must I attach a voided check to my AutoPay Authorization Form?

For bank draft payments, we need a voided check to make sure that we enter the correct bank account information into our AutoPay system. That way you do not need to know how to read the numbers at the bottom of your check. We know what those numbers mean and can save you the time of having to call your bank. Just send us a voided check along with your authorization form and we will do the rest.

In what other ways do I benefit from AutoPay?

Writing one less check a month is not the only way that you benefit with AutoPay. As we expand our monthly charge program to more customers with AutoPay, we will handle less cash, checks and credit card transactions over the counter. This means faster service and shorter lines for all of our customers. In short, it will always pay to be an AutoPay customer!

Is AutoPay more secure than sending Owen Cleaners a check in the mail?

Yes, with AutoPay you do not have to worry about your check getting lost in the mail or otherwise being misplaced. Your electronic payment is automatically generated by our system, and then transmitted using special software to our local bank. Our bank then confirms the payment totals with us before sending your payment electronically on to your bank for final posting. With AutoPay the entire process is electronic – meaning that very little is subject to error. That translates into greater security, accuracy and convenience for you!

How do I apply for an AutoPay account?

You can request an application be mailed to you by calling 270-444-7227 or download the application and mail it to our main office at:

Owen Cleaners
1021 Kentucky Avenue
Paducah, KY  42003

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 270-444-7227 or email us at