Paducah’s “Green” Alternative

Our all natural, organic dry cleaning solution is not only easy on the environment but also easy on your clothes and household furnishings.

And we are the only local dry cleaner that uses Sanitone, the advanced dry cleaning process that is recommended my leading clothing designers.  Sanitone gently cleans while preventing shrinkage, fading of colors and changes in shape of even your most delicate garments.

Owen Cleaners has also invested in new dry cleaning machines that are state-of-the-art and feature advanced distillation so that your clothes are always cleaned in crystal clear solvents.  In fact, crystal clear cleaning solvents has been our hallmark for over 100 years!

Yes, there really is a difference in dry cleaning–and you will only find Sanitone dry cleaning at Owen Cleaners!


What to Expect

  • All natural, environmentally friendly solvent
  • Advanced distillation to keep our solvents crystal clear and fresh
  • Gentle Sanitone detergents for brighter colors and whites
  • Sizing added for a softer and smoother hand or “feel”
  • Buttons replaced and minor repairs completed free of charge
  • All pants hand finished for sharply pressed pleats and creases
  • Coat lapels gently rolled with no wavy edges