Professional Laundry and Finishing Services

Owen Cleaners has always produced the best shirt in town. How do we do it?

First, we use Sanitone’s exclusive PlatinumĀ® Shirt Service. This high tech detergent is formulated with 16 active ingredients including three enzymes. Ā  Platinum eliminates the need for harsh bleaches, abrasive alkali and hot temperatures that break down clothing fibers–which extends the life of your valuable dress shirts.

Second, our laundry equipment is state-of-the-art. Your shirts are washed in new Wascomat wet cleaning machines that are computer controlled for precise adjustment of wash temperatures and extract speeds. Once washed, we individually press your shirts on our new Unipress Lightening Shirt presses which feature the latest in advanced shirt pressing technology. It takes a willingness to invest in the best equipment to produce the best shirts.

Finally, we have an experienced laundry team that knows how to get your shirts done right. We offer three levels of starch and will return your shirts on hangers or folded. We also replace or reattach all loose buttons with a brand new high tech button machine. All shirts are individually inspected and carefully assembled. This attention to detail pays dividends.

What to expect

  • Patented enzyme-based cleaning process
  • Dazzling whites and colors that sparkle
  • Lower water temperatures without harsh bleaches
  • None of the shrinking or fraying seen with other processes
  • Shirts pressed sharply and starched the way you like it
  • Buttons replaced as a free service