Reidland Store

Update 4/18/20

Our REIDLAND store will be permanently closed on February 29, 2020.  All customer orders that have not been picked up by then will be moved to our Main Plant in downtown Paducah at 1021 Kentucky Avenue.  The telephone number for our main plant is (270) 444-7227

Free Pickup and Delivery from Your Home or Office

We will continue to service the Reidland area with our free Home or Office Pickup and Delivery Service.  Customers can choose twice a week service, once a week service or you can just call our main plant whenever you need a pickup.  We normally pickup and deliver on Mondays and Thursday each week.  For more information, call our main plant at (270) 444-7227 or go to this link on our website: free pickup and delivery.

Other Paducah Stores

For those customers who may not require regular pickup and delivery service, we encourage you to drop off cleaning at our main plant in downtown Paducah at 1021 Kentucky Avenue.  Our main plant features the same personalized in-store service that you received for years at our Reidland store.  It is the hub of our family business and it is where all drycleaning and laundry services are performed. 

We look forward to continuing to serve you.