Wild Wednesdays (Suspended due to Covid-19 emergency)

We offer a weekly special every Wednesday as part of our long running Wild Wednesdays program. So that our customers can plan ahead, we publish the Wild Wednesday specials for an entire year. We also post the next Wednesday’s special on our home page and on our outdoor signs at all locations. Learn more by going to the Wild Wednesdays page.

*See Terms and Conditions on Wild Wednesdays page

Web Coupons

We send out web coupons on a periodic basis to customers who subscribe to our web coupon email list. Our web coupons offer valuable savings on various dry cleaning services. They typically are valid for one week and can be redeemed at any location and any day of the week. We strictly safeguard our customers’ email addresses via our association with Constant Contact, an anti-spam email company. Customers can unsubscribe from our web coupon list at any time. We currently have about 1,000 customers on the list. You can subscribe now by clicking here.