The Gentle Way to Clean With Water

The gentle wet cleaning of clothes in water can be an excellent alternative to dry cleaning–depending on the fabric and type of soil.

Owen Cleaners is the only cleaners in the area that has installed state-of-the-art wet cleaning machines that support extremely gentle wash cycles and baths, precise temperature control and the liquid injection of gentle Sanitone detergents. 

The secret to wet cleaning delicate fabrics is actually the ability to dry garments without over-drying.  Our new high tech dryers with Residual Moisture Control use gentle steam injection and have sensors that constantly monitor the percentage of moisture within the garments to prevent over-drying and shrinkage.  We can also safely finish ladies “skinny” jeans with spandex and other stretchy fabrics that require hang drying and no steam.

Gentle wet cleaning in water is especially effective when garments are highly soiled with water soluble stains such as sugars, perspiration or just plain dirt.  For that reason, we often recommend wet cleaning for summer cotton and silk blouses, golf shirts, khaki pants and shorts and even jeans.

Depending on customer preference, we can make khakis and jeans come out soft and fluffy or we can add starch and press them wet to produce crisp and starchy finishes. 

Remember, at Owen Cleaners we don’t wash — we wet clean!

What to Expect

  • European wet cleaning technology available now in Paducah
  • Computer based formulas for safe wet cleaning of all types of fabrics
  • Precise liquid injection of Sanitone detergents made just for wet cleaning
  • Residual moisture control to prevent over-drying or shrinkage
  • Most effective way to gently clean highly soiled garments or fabrics
  • Safer and less damaging alternative to washing at home
  • Choice of soft or starchy finishes at customer’s option
  • Especially effective for khakis, denims and other cotton fabrics